XZXY201604002GOVJ1417旧乡村里的新城区:城市“新增空间”的社区风险治理New Urban Area in the Old Countryside: Community Risk Governance of the “Newly-Increased Space” in the City吴晓林李咏梅WU Xiao-lin;LI Yong-mei;中南大学公共管理学院伴随城镇化建设的迅速推进,我国城市群和中心城市周边出现了大面积"新增空间"。由于地处城乡结合带,人口结构复杂、城乡文明交融,城市"新增空间"很容易成为"风险集中带",大量风险矛盾向社区层面挤压。调研发现:生长于旧乡村的新城区,面临城镇新市民融城之难、治理主体权利互损之险、社区治理滞后之乱等风险。引入无缝隙政府和整体性治理的视角后分析得出:城市新增空间的社区风险是上游政府职责缺失问题在下游社区的集中爆发,社区治理面临"政府职责脱嵌"与"政府社会失联"的"双重缝隙"。为推进社区治理,应当构建"前期土地审批规划—中期质量监管—后期社区管理和自治"的无缝隙职责体系,强化政府社会之间的整体性治理。With the rapid process of the construction of urbanization, China’s city clusters and the peripheries of central citieshave emerged large area of"newly-increased spaces", which is easy to become"risk-focused areas"because they are located inurban-rural integration areas having complex population structure and integration of urban & rural civilizations, so a lot of risksand contradictions put pressure on communities. The result of the survey shows that new urban area originated from the old coun-tryside is faced with such risks: the difficulty of integrating new urban citizens with the urban; the crisis of mutual harm among therights of all governance subjects; the mess of the hysteresis of community governance, etc. From the perspective of seamless gov-ernment and holistic governance, it can be concluded that the community risk of the newly-increased space in the city is the con-centrated bursts in the downstream community for the problem of the upstream government’s lack of duties and responsibilities,and the community governance is faced with"double vulnerabilities", i.e."the separation among governmental duties and respon-sibilities"and"the disconnection between government and society". In order to promote community governance, the seamless sys-tem of duty and responsibility, i.e."the land examination and approval in the earlier period — the quality supervision in the medi-um period — the community administration and self-government in the later period", should be built, and the holistic governancebetween government and society should be also reinforced.城镇化社区风险撤县改区整体性治理UrbanizationCommunity RiskEstablishment of Districts Instead of Revocation of CountiesHolistic Governance国家社会科学基金项目(13CZZ030);国家自然科学基金项目(71573280);教育部社科基金项目(13YJA630068)北京行政学院学报Journal of Beijing Administrative College201604D669.3整体性治理:5850;城市经济:2230;风险治理:2033;政府社会:2014;职责体系:1720;土地审批:1419;人口结构:1330;质量监管:1113;城市群:787;物管企业:489;G;293ELAW1610XZXY10053763;10473482;0193746;XZXY2016-07-101中文;G108;